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5 Reasons to Buy Concentrated Products [Including Topical Magnesium]

There are a plethora of benefits to using products that are concentrated.  Many of us are using cleaning products (or making our own to reduce chemical loads) that are not diluted down. The majority of cleaners and skincare products (lotions, creams especially) available today contain a high amount of water and fillers. And while this reduces costs for the companies that make them, it increases the amounts we have to use as consumers.

When we use products that are not diluted, we use less and the product lasts longer.  Consumer trends are indicating we are buying fewer products with plastic packaging, and people are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

This chart is from Adecco, on consumer trends related to sustainability.

Top 5 Reasons to purchase highly concentrated products:

1. Sustainability: Less packaging means less waste ends up in landfills.

2. You don’t have to use as much product to get the same results.

3. Less storage is needed (makes me think of the huge warehouse laundry liquid detergents I used to buy, vs Earth Breeze or Sal Suds that I use now.)

4. Less filler ingredients — this includes water, which is cheap and makes products diluted.

5. We can feel better about our purchasing choices!

GreenBiz wrote an article about sustainable products — what it is that makes them sustainable, along with the products’ life cycle.

Our Magnesium Whips all have Magnesium listed as the first ingredient.  [Magnesium can be used for chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, sore muscles and anxiety. It’s even been studied to reduce depression.]  Our extensive research showed that products available have water as the #1 ingredient.  We wanted to make a product where our customers could use just one teaspoon (or less, depending on their individual composition) to get results. Not a handful, not a sloppy uncomfortable application, just a small amount that was highly absorbable.

To do this – and to produce a formulation that wasn’t sticky on the skin or drying — it took several years of trial and error.  The result was well worth the time, because the Whips now hold the highest concentration of any Magnesium product on the market.

After getting excellent results [Magnesium butter used for pain relief was #1] with the Magnesium Whips, our customers were asking about when or if we would add serums.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of using a serum, they are an absolute joy to use!

Serums are typically highly concentrated, and target specific skincare concerns.  They have ingredients that can absorb deeply into the skin, and only a small amount has to be applied once or twice a day.  Serums were a natural to add to our line — one can even be used for both your face and hair — and like the Magnesium products they are made with organic oils.  They have zero water because of the ingredients used, which also means they do not need a preservative (we do use Vitamin E, which while not a preservative per se, does help to keep organic oils fresh). Always take a look at the ingredients at the products you purchase, which will tell the real story of concentration.

Earth Hero has a plethora of sustainably-based, concentrated products, from dishwasher detergent pods to shampoo bars.

A blog from Flora describes the benefits of using cleaning products that are concentrated:

In 2023 and beyond, consumers will be holding brands responsible for progressing the world’s state of sustainability. According to new NielsenIQ survey data, 46% of consumers are looking to brands to take the lead on creating sustainable change.