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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

“I slept better, my leg cramps went away so I was tossing and turning less. Better sleep meant I was more energized. I felt more rested and calm. It also seemed to help with my fibriods and cramps. Overall I noticed a huge difference in my life.”

Laura M.
Business Coach and Standard Poodle Mom

“The scent and consistency with the whip is spot on! I can’t wait to share!”

Jamie B.
Senior Executive and Mom of Three Boys

“Relaxed sleep, leg/foot cramps went away, no digestive issues. Felt like I can handle stress better – Need to make sure I take at night because it makes me drowsy. Feels like it works faster and better than mag pills.”

Catherine F.
Graphic Designer

“High quality product! Worked quickly and especially like the one with lavender to aid my sleeping. I stand all day and it helps with my sore shoulders, neck and leg muscles.  My wife also loves it.  Would highly recommend this product!”

Joe K.
Hair Salon Owner

“I’m physically active every day, and use M & Co’s whip on my sore shoulders and feet. It works fast! I’ve told my students, and they love it too.  Awesome product!”

Mary W.
Yoga Teacher & RN

“I’ve been using the lavender blend for a few weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve never slept better!”

Matt G.
Web Designer

“A soothing, rich balm to calm & nourish your body & mind. That’s what I think of when I use Mineral & Co’s Magnesium Whip. With our world in such turmoil, I was repeatedly having issues “coming down after just a normal day”.  The Mg whip truly helped me quiet the “monkey mind” that so often occurs after a hectic day. 
Indulge yourself – you deserve it.”

Allison B.

Advertising & Marketing Executive, plant-based devotee,
practitioner of alternative wellness modalities, animal advocate

“I used it every day after I had IT band surgery.  It worked great for post-surgical muscle pain. Got a second jar and will be getting one every month.”

Joni B. 
Retired, world traveler and loving it! 

“I was able to experience uninterrupted sleep, and felt better in the morning because of it. “

Business Development Manager

“I ordered the lavender blend.  It smells so good and citrusy. I love putting it on at night to relax.”

Natural Products Writer

I only use unscented products because I react badly to anything that’s artificial like fragrances. The unscented whip is great for me and even cleared up some seasonal eczema. I’ve ordered some for my Mom too to help with her sleep.”

Brook L.

“My 10 year old puts a ton of pressure on himself and suffers from anxiety. Since we started using Orange Dream Cream, bedtimes have been so much better! He falls asleep without the brain races and sleeps restful throughout the night. He asks for me to rub it on his back as soon as he knows it’s nearing bedtime. His teacher noted him less anxious earlier this week — he was coming off of spring break which is typically a very difficult week for him getting back in his groove.


Mom of Four

“My husband is using it now and he really likes it!  It is especially useful for back aches, pains, muscle aches and beck/shoulder pains.  I have put it on his back, neck and shoulders several times before bed and he would sleep well and it would remove the pain.  Also there was one weekend day that he had a bad head ache and I put the creme on the back of his neck and up into his hair line and his headache went away.  

The first time that I used your product my feet felt “fuzzy” like energy was going up my legs (this felt good, not a bad feeling) and then I passed out (because it was right before bed).  The next day (and I have been using the product every day….I may have missed about one day a week), using it on my feet before bed, and on my arms because they are sore, and or my neck/shoulders/ back….and the product works really well.  

We really like how far the creme goes, the scent is light and it spreads on super easily.  

I have been sharing with my husband Mike and I do think that it goes a long way, I am using the wooden spoon and washing it each time between use.

I would totally recommend your product to others, and I actually did recommend it to my chiropractic client.

I like the product a lot! “

Lisa G. 
Sustainability Consultant

“This is an amazing product!  I struggle with headaches and back pain. This product has made such a difference.  It has helped me to sleep better at night, relieve my sore muscles and reduce my neck tension.  The smell is wonderful, both soothing and uplifting. The texture is smooth and creamy.  It will not leave your skin feeling dry or greasy.  I love that a natural product has helped me so much. I am unable to take magnesium orally because of its side effects.  I would recommend this to anyone who needs magnesium.

I have been using it on my neck and low back.  I find that when I put it on in the PM before bed it helps me to sleep better.  I have tried not using it at night and my neck is much stiffer.  If I use it during the day, it takes about 30 min. to notice a difference.  But then it lasts for hours.  It took about 2 weeks to start really feeling the difference. “

Beth U. 
Aromatherapist, Scientist and Mom of 2