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Magnesium FAQs

Where is the best place to apply the whip or lotion?

You can apply it on skin that is not cut, sensitive or damaged. Always avoid the face and eyes. Large areas that work well are the stomach, backs of shoulders and calves. The feet are excellent receptors, with thousands of nerve endings in each foot!

Where should I store my jar?

In a location that will not get warm like a car or near a window that gets direct sunlight. During warm summer months, or if you live in a warm climate year-round, the refrigerator is a good option.

What are some foods I can eat to help boost my Magnesium levels?

Pepitas, spinach, cashews, almonds, and dark chocolate are some of the top foods that will help increase Magnesium levels.

Why are most Americans deficient in Magnesium?

There are many factors that deplete us of Magnesium. The major ones include stress, caffeine, alcohol, vitamin D deficiency, and eating processed foods.

How long does it take to replenish a Magnesium deficiency?

That depends on how low your levels were to start with. For most people it takes 1-4 weeks to start noticing a difference. Just be sure to keep using it every day. Consistency is key to getting good results.

I felt a little stinging on my skin after the first use. Is that normal?

This indicates that you have a Magnesium deficiency, and it will lesson with regular use. Remember not to apply it to any areas on the skin that are cut, sunburned or damaged.

Can I use your Magnesium products on my children to help them get a better night’s sleep?

Yes, for children over 12 months. At bedtime use a pea-size and rub it in gently to their calves or feet. If they complain of growing pains, apply the cream directly to the area they are experiencing pain. This will help to reduce muscle pain and help them to sleep better.

Where is Magnesium stored in our bodies?

Magnesium is stored in soft tissues and bones, and less than 1% is stored in our blood serum.

When should I use the Magnesium products?

Many people like to use it 20-30 minutes before bedtime to help with sleep. Some use ½ teaspoon morning and night. See what works best for you.

Can I get too much Magnesium?

Your body will release any Magnesium that is not needed. Please note: If you have a kidney disorder or on medication, check with your health practitioner before using.

Are the whips and lotions gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin?

Yes, they safe for sensitive skin. In fact, skin conditions like eczema can improve for many of our customers. The organic oils and butters are high quality which support sensitive skin. You may want to start with ½ teaspoon daily, and then increase to 1 teaspoon daily after a week.

Does your Magnesium cream work for athletes?

Absolutely! Many of our customers use it to prevent or treat muscle soreness post-workout.

Can I use topical Magnesium during pregnancy?

Yes, you can. It helps to relieve the typical muscle cramps and discomfort women get during pregnancy. We suggest checking in with your health practitioner prior to using any Magnesium products.

We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any Magnesium products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, have kidney disease, or if you are on any medications.