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Healing from
Deep within the Sea

The most concentrated product on the market today.

Our Magnesium is sourced straight from the sea—more than two miles down where we know we can get the most pure product.

Infused with nourishing ingredients, this luscious whipped body butter is inspired by science and formulated with the most pristine Magnesium in the world.

“I prescribe Magnesium for my patients…
…many people experience significant improvement with sleep.”

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.

Board-Certified, Internal Medicine

Magnesium is the FIRST ingredient in Mineral & Co. products.
Only the highest quality organic ingredients are used—without fillers or harmful preservatives.

3 Reasons to Get More Magnesium

Attain More
Restful Sleep

Alleviate Stress
& Anxiety

Reduce Muscle
Soreness & Cramps

“I used the body butter and slept great the first night. Usually my head races at night and it takes forever to fall asleep but I felt very calm and didn’t have a problem.”

Grace N.

Pure Magnesium Organic Unscented
$45.00 or $40.00 / month
Pure Magnesium Organic Lavender
$45.00 or $40.00 / month