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Should I refrigerate my skin care products & kitchen oils?

Customers frequently ask us this question, and it’s an important one.  You’ll see a “Refrigerate” sticker on the outer box of our shipments. This is to keep the organic oils and butters at their very best quality for the entire life of the product, so the first application is the same as the last.
There are four main things to think about with oils: heat, time, oxygen, and light. Any of these can quickly change the quality and nutrient value.
Heat can cause oxidation, which changes the texture of skin care products. Instead of a fluffy, smooth product, it may flatten and have less texture.  High quality oils have a shelf life and over time can become rancid, so cooling slows that down.  We want to keep the amount of air the oils are exposed to at a minimum, so cover and close caps tightly.  Finally, exposure to light causes a substantial loss of antioxidants.
Refrigeration is not just for our skin care products with organic oils, but for our kitchen oils, too.  Instead of keeping them on the counter or in the pantry, it’s a good practice to keep them refrigerated.  In our kitchen, avocado, olive, sesame, MCT, and coconut oils are always kept cool.  Olive oil is the one we use the most, for non-heated foods like salad dressings or drizzling on roasted veggies or bread.  Because olive oil hardens when it’s cold, a small amount can be stored in a glass jar at room temp, on a dark shelf in the pantry.
It’s also important to keep specialty oils like walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, truffle, or other infused oils cold.  These are the most delicate of all, due to their higher unsaturated fat content. 
If you don’t have enough room in your fridge for all your oils, keep the coconut oil out, because it’s the most shelf stable.  In warmer months it may melt in the pantry, which is normal.
High quality oils provide the best health benefits when they’re fresh, so use them up within a few months of purchase. Take a quick look at where your kitchen oils and skin care products are stored and make a space in your fridge for them. You’ll be protecting the emollients, omegas, and antioxidants – all incredible nutrients for both your body and skin!