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Introducing our new line!


We’d like to introduce our brand new product line, website and educational content about Magnesium — the magic mineral we all need more of.  

The entire line is made up of ultra-pure, high concentration, high quality, luxury organic oils and butters. They’re light on the skin with fast absorbability, and they do wonders for our health.

Whips, Lotions & Serums, oh my!

Whips: These have the highest concentration of Magnesium, so you only need to apply one teaspoon a day to get benefits.  They are available in four types and two sizes – including Orange Dream Cream, a Children’s product they will love!
Lotion: Light & creamy, for anytime use, in a reusable/recyclable aluminum bottle.
Serums: All organic, these were created with the same ethos and high concentration and quality as our Magnesium products.

Why do we need Magnesium every day?

The top reasons our customers regularly use our Magnesium products are to get a better night’s sleep, reduce anxiety, help with depression, and relieve muscle soreness and cramps.  Here is additional information about “Why we need more Magnesium”.

Look no further for the perfect gifts for the loves in your life!
There are six all-new Gift Sets, ready to go.  Your beloved will find this gift unique, beautiful AND useful.  If you wish we’ll include a beautiful reusable satin gift bag, and a personalized card with your message. If you can’t decide, we also offer gift cards. 

Gratitude to testers and early customers
We would like to send a thousand thanks to our loyal customers and beta testers over the past four years.  It’s because of their amazing stories that we created the new line and continue to provide products that enhance your health. 

Please join us in celebrating new growth and vitality!

All my best,

Linda Lee