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Why do you need Magnesium?

Renew. Regain. Revive. Replenish. Refresh. Revitalize.

Did you know that most of us are deficient in Magnesium, a critical mineral? The World Health Organization estimates that over 75% of Americans are deficient.

Every fiber of our being, from head to toe, every cell, tissue, muscle and organ in our bodies needs magnesium to function.

Magnesium is an elixir that helps relieve so many of our chronic, modern day ailments ranging from stress, sore muscles/joints, low energy, anxiety & depression, headaches & the most important of all – sleep deprivation.

Sleep is often the first crucial daily activity that we forego as we experience the non-stop activity that we call life; be it our jobs, socializing, our family and children. We’re always trying to convince ourselves, “I’ll catch a nap later, or I’ll sleep in tomorrow.” But we all know that doesn’t happen.

We need to remind ourselves that sleep, like breathing, eating and drinking is an integral part of our bodies functioning at their greatest potential. We all know how we feel when depleted from any of those functions, but specifically from the lack of sleep. When we feel such pressure from so many external forces, missing sleep can be a true detriment. It is when we sleep that we allow our bodies to renew, regain, revive, restore, replenish, rejuvenate, reinvigorate & regenerate.

Adding Magnesium to your daily regime aids in that loss. It provides you with a personal gift of relaxation of undisturbed and restful slumber resulting in a regained feeling of energy and feeling refreshed. This rejuvenation weaves directly into you having improved quality in all aspects of your life.

Over 75% of Americans are Magnesium deficient.

Each teaspoon of Mineral & Co’s body butter contains over 200mg of ABSORBABLE Magnesium.

3 Reasons to Get More Magnesium

Attain More
Restful Sleep

Alleviate Stress
& Anxiety

Reduce Muscle
Soreness & Cramps